Sync your kid's school calendar to your smartphone in seconds

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Set alerts and never miss a school event

A new generation of educational fundraising/corporate sponsorships

A mobile app that will raise money for your school

How it works
(for schools)

1. Set Up Calendar

There is no cost to you! Just send us a list of all your school events that you would like included on your school calendar app to Please also include your State, School District and School name.

You may want to include the following school events: first and last days of school, year round schedules, holiday/recess days (no school), back to school day, parent teacher conferences, early release days, fundraiser events, etc.

2. Tell Parents

Now you just need to tell the parents how they can earn money for your school and get organized at the same time. It is a WIN-WIN situation! We have fliers you can print or you can design your own. The app will cost $3.99.

3. Raise Money

Now here is the easy part! Just simply sit back and wait for your check. You will receive 70% of the proceeds as a donation from the app developers! A check will be mailed to your school at the end of each calendar year.

How it works
(for parents)

1. Download the app

Go to (link to app in apple store) or (ink to app in android store) to download the app.

2. Look for your school

Use the drop down menus in the app to search for your State, School District, and School. Don't see your school listed? Share this app with your school here. (You can also look for your school at the bottom of this page before downloading the app.)

3. Sync calendar

Once you have found your school in the app. Click "add my calendar." You will be charged $3.99 and don't forget that 70% of the proceeds will go directly to your school! Your school's calendar and events will then be automatically synced to the calendar in your smartphone/tablet.

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Don't see your school? Click here to request a school.


Contact us to request a school or for any other questions you may have.